Making Journey Easy

Travelling by bus has really proved to be a convenient mode of transport at present. It has made journey a hassle free task. Though a wide number of budget airlines and railways from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore are there, people still prefer taking back a bus.

Reaching Singapore from Kuala Lumpur – Made Easy by Bus


It is a matter of joy to learn that it takes maximum 5-6 hours to reach Singapore from Kuala Lumpur by hiring a bus. The bus travel company charges maximum $30 for a single trip. The rate may vary on the basis of coach selected along with the date and season of travel.

The coach will halt at meal centers along with public washrooms during travelling in day time as per the convenience of travelers. In case you are interested to purchase something interesting, the Malaysian ringgit must be kept ready. At night time, there exist no stopovers due to which journey during night is safe.

Some Highly Recognized Active Bus Operators

Some highly recognized bus operators known to provide best service include the following:

  • Grassland Express & Tours
  • Golden Coach Express
  • Kwang Chow Travel
  • Phya Travel
  • Luxury Travel & Tours and many more.

The Golden Mile Complex is considered to be the pickup spot of most of the coaches from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore as they are regular coaches.

Vital Reasons to Opt for Coach Services

Some vital reasons to select coach services include the following:

  • Hiring the bus is a highly comfortable journey. There exist a wide number of super VIP buses which comprise of 27 seaters along with spacious seats and comprising of large seating space between seats and front rows.

The seats can be easily inclined as per requirement. There is a choice between first class and economy seats.

  • Bus tickets are highly cheap in comparison to plane tickets. You need not pay any airport tax along with any additional charges. You can easily hire bus service from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore within a charge of $30.
  • Travelling times in total are almost comparable easily. You need not check in a hurry prior to departure. You can easily board the bus service as per your convenience.
  • Regarding mobile phone compatibility and usage, it can be easily, used easily in bus but not in a flight. You can easily chat with your loved ones while you are travelling by bus.

There are many bus ticket services serving to and fro Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. As a result, your journey will definitely be devoid of worries.

At present there are many bus companies who will be offering you entertainment along with offering the opportunity to watch latest released movies while you are engaged in your journey. Also, many of them will serve food items inside the bus. In short, the services provided are almost comparable to the one provided in an air plane.

The best thing nowadays is that you can easily book bus tickets through online mode hence avoiding the hassle of standing in queue.